Standard installation

  1. Download the toolkit from Releases.
  2. Extract contents of the downloaded ZIP file.
  3. Click on msfs.bat to launch the shell.
  4. (First run only.) Follow on-screen instructions to download and install OSGeo4W components required by the toolkit.

Now you can type the name of any tool into the console, eg msfs aerial to use aerial imagery tool.

Aerial imagery tutorial contains a full walkthrough from setting up the toolkit to compiling aerial imagery into the final redistributable add-on package.

Advanced installation

MSFS Toolkit can be customized for automatic deployment to a large number of computers.

Default settings are stored in msfs.cfg. To change them, save a copy as msfs.user.cfg and delete or comment out everything except customized settings.

Settings accept_eula and unattended_install let you configure a fully unattended installation on the first use of MSFS Toolkit.

You can also configure the path to an existing copy of OSGeo4W tools by changing osgeo_root setting.
It must be a clean installation of OSGeo4W tools v2, not v1 or upgraded v1. Required packages are listed in msfs.cfg.